What Animal Is A Spiritual Animal


A crow may not strike you as the most majestic animal on the planet and when it comes to spirit animals, there are very few people who would name the crow as their first choice. Yet crow symbolism may be more powerful and more dignified than you realize. In this article about the Crow Spirit Animal, we are going to explore some of the symbolism of crows and what it may mean if you find that you have one as your spirit animal (as well as what this actually means in the first place).

What is a Spirit Animal?

Before we look specifically at the crow spirit animal, we have to understand what this term means. A spirit animal is a form a spirit takes in order to guide you or send you a message.

Sometimes this choice is based on our own personalities, other times it reflects the task at hand. There are even times where the form that your spirit animal takes is, in fact, the message itself. So if you have a spirit animal crow then that is an idea that can be explored further. So what does a crow symbolize?

Exploring the Crow Spirit Animal Meaning

The crow totem (another term for a crow spirit animal) used to have a somewhat grim meaning: the harbinger of death who would appear just in time to carry a soul from the land of the living to the land of the dead. 



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